Praying and Preparing for Ecuador

I guess this serves as the first post of my new blog.  I posted this content over at the church blog, but figured I start with this here also.  Here’s what I wrote on our church blog…

I will be traveling on a mission trip to Tambo, Ecuador from September 25 – October 2. The purpose of this trip is to help lead in a pastor training institute. If you attend our Wednesday evening prayer meetings, you know that we pray thru a different country of the world each week. One of the prayer requests that shows up on almost every country is the need for pastors and leaders to be trained. This is a definite need in Ecuador. This blog lists some things that you can pray for with me as I prepare and as I travel and teach these pastors.

The content I’m teaching is “Cults”. Cults are highly deceptive and very active in Latin America. Pray for clarity as I teach. Pray for the translators to translate well. Pray for understanding for the pastors. Pray for them to stand strong and be able to teach their people well. I will be traveling with two other men (pastors in U.S.) for this week. Pray for safety in our travels.

I will update the blog from Ecuador as I have access to the internet. If there’s no updates, then I can’t find internet.

Love you church…

Bro. Mark

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