Men…So Your Prayers Are Not Hindered


I’ve thought a lot about prayer recently.  It’s a huge topic.  Brett and I have both preached sermons in our church on the topic over the past few weeks.  But I guarantee that this is a new angle on prayer for you…

Have you ever thought that God is not hearing your prayers???  It is quite possible that our prayers can be hindered before God.  But what would cause such a thing?

1 Peter 3:7 tells husbands to do two things in relationship to their wives

  1. Live with your wife in an understanding way.
  2. Honor your wife.

The reason he tells us to do these two things is “so that your prayers may not be hindered.”  God cares deeply about how you live with and treat your wife…so much so that it affects your prayers being answered if you don’t treat your wife right.

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