Operation World – You Need This Book

Operation World is an incredible book that guides the Christ follower thru praying for each nation on the face of the earth.  I started using Operation World about 4 years ago.  I say “using” because this is not a book that you just read.  It is a tool in the hand of a Christian.  As a follower of Christ seeking to play my part in the Great Commission, this book has been one of the most helpful I have ever found.  As a pastor and leader in a local church, I have found Operation World to be and excellent resource for our congregation as we pray.

This is cover of the newly released 7th edition.  Operation World was last released in 2001 with a minor 2004 update, so it is exciting to see such a major overhaul b/c the world is changing quickly.

Here’s the link to the Operation World store page where they have much more than just the book available for purchase.  Check it out.  Of course, you can always get it on Amazon.

Let’s pray!!!

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