Link City (11/12/10)

Sorry about no posts this week.  I was out at the TBC annual meeting and didn’t have my computer or anything.  There was some great preaching at the TBC and they gave away ESV Study Bibles to all pastors.  So here’s this week’s Link City.

AA pilots revolt over invasive security scans – …and you thought pilots got to skip the security line 🙂

Video – People & Money – 4 categories

Embracing the Ordinary – 3 implications for churches, 3 implications for pastors

Book – Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor

Video – How do we know God exists? – great video by Don Carson

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2 Responses to Link City (11/12/10)

  1. Dennis says:

    Good thing they finally gave the pastors a Bible. Maybe now they will use it. And Extra Spiritual Versions, too…nice.

    • Mark Bass says:

      Dennis…I find it amusing that the TBC is handing out ESV study Bibles to the pastors rather than the newly released Holman Christian Standard study Bible b/c Tennessee is home to the headquarters of Broadman Bible Publishers (HCSB version), LifeWay (which uses HCSB in its print media), and the SBC itself.

      Just for fun…
      ESV = Extra Spiritual Version
      NIV = Nearly Inspired Version
      HCSB = Hard Core Southern Baptist

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