Learning from George Muller (pt.1)

If you attend Smithville First Baptist then you know that I’ve told you several times to buy this biography of a man named George Muller.  If you don’t attend FBC…then here’s your notice to get the book.  He was a man of awesome prayer and faith.  I’m going to do a series of posts from the life of George Muller, focusing on lessons of faith and prayer that we can work into our lives today.

After God saved George Muller, he was very impatient to get started serving God as a missionary.  However, God always seemed to close the door.  Here’s what he finally came around to believing, “continued uncertainty as to one’s course is a reason for continued waiting.”  Also, “the flesh is impatient of all delay, both in decision and action; hence all carnal choices are immature and premature, and all carnal courses are mistaken and unspiritual.” (p. 41)

The Bible is full of examples of God’s people not waiting on God.  The results are never good.  Here’s 2 examples…

  • Abraham and Sarah come up with a plan to make God’s promise of a child happen. Genesis 16:2-4 & 15-16.  They had waited 10 years.  So they decided to rush ahead of God.
  • Saul could not wait for Samuel, so he violated God’s Law and as the king, he performed the duties of the priest.  1 Samuel 13:8-15.  He had been told to wait for Samuel to arrive at the end of the 7 days (1 Sam. 10:8).  As a result, Samuel tells Saul, “your kingdom shall not continue”. (v. 14)

Let me encourage you to learn to trust in God’s wisdom and God’s timing.  It is difficult, but waiting on God is best.  How do you learn?  By waiting.

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