One Generation Away

What does it take to pass on the faith to the next generation???  Take a quick tour with me…

Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 20-25 – God lays out his plan for how the faith is to be passed down.  The plan???  God has designed the family to be the place where the faith is passed down.  These commands are given to Moses and his generation.

Deuteronomy 6:10-15 – A warning: watch out for prosperity – it will cause you to forget God.

Joshua 1:7-8 – Moses is dead.  Joshua has been chosen as the leader of Israel.  God commands him to be strong in the Word.  This word from God would naturally be passed on from Joshua to the other leaders of the nation of Israel.

Joshua 24:14-31 – Joshua has led the people well.  He and his family set a good example (v. 15).  He calls the people to serve God and they respond.  The Bible records that Israel served faithfully all the days of Joshua and his contemporaries (v.31).

Judges 2:6-10 – Key in on verse 10 – another generation arose that did not know the Lord or the mighty works he had done on behalf of Israel.  What follows is one of the most morally void books of the Bible.  Judges records generation after generation that did not pass down the faith.

The faith was lost in one generation…for all of Joshua’s good leadership, the faith was not passed down from his generation to the generation after him.

Parents…you have the job of passing down the faith to the next generation.  Churches…you have the job of helping parents do this.  Start young.  Pray hard.  Sow gospel seeds at every opportunity.  This is particularly difficult in a day and time of prosperity (thus God’s warning in Deut. 6).  As a parent, I want my kids to have every opportunity.  I feel the pull to answer yes to everything my kids want to do.  What if this is not best for them?  Don’t become so busy with sports and activities that there is no time in your family for the Bible and prayer.  Let us make the most of every day with our children!!!  We don’t get our days back.  We don’t get to retry.  God must be central in our homes today.

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  1. Karyn Bass says:

    EXCELLENT !!!!

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