Pastoral Qualifications – Overview

See the introduction to this series here.

Before actually diving into each of the specific qualifications for being a pastor, I want to do an overview of all the qualifications and make a few general observations.  Here are the qualifications for a man to become a pastor, as laid out for us in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

Character Qualifications (positive)

  • above reproach (x3)
  • sober-minded
  • self-controlled (x2)
  • respectable
  • hospitable (x2)
  • gentle
  • a lover of good
  • upright
  • holy
  • disciplined

Character Qualifications (negative)

  • not a drunkard (x2)
  • not violent (x2)
  • not quarrelsome
  • not a lover of money
  • not arrogant
  • not quick-tempered
  • not greedy for gain

Family Qualifications

  • husband of one wife (x2)
  • children are believers
  • children are not open to the charges of debauchery or insubordination
  • manages his own household well
  • with all dignity keeping his children submissive

Faith Qualifications

  • not a recent convert
  • holds firm to the trustworthy Word

Skill Qualifications

  • able to teach
  • able to give instruction in sound doctrine
  • able to rebuke those who contradict sound doctrine

Civic Qualifications

  • well thought of by outsiders

Here’s the major observation that I had while looking at this list after I first organized it like this in my personal journal.  God is much more concerned with who a pastor is than what a pastor does.  There are 22 qualifications dealing with the pastor’s character and family compared to the astonishing fact that there are only 3 qualifications for a pastor’s skill set.

These qualifications are not things that a man drums up in himself upon becoming a pastor.  These are characteristics that should be present in a man and then his church recognizes that he could be a man God is desiring to use in pastoral ministry.  In both Scripture passages, Paul is telling Timothy and Titus how to recognize a potential leader.

In the next post I will begin working through each of the specific qualifications on the positive character list.

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  1. Hector Ortega says:

    Lo tendre en mente. Gracias por clarificarlo.

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