ESV Review and June 2011 NT Reading Challenge

Read this post to learn about the 12 x 12 x 12 NT reading challenge.  Here’s my prayer for you as you read the Bible.

For the month of May we read the NT in the English Standard Version (ESV).  I am very familiar with the ESV because it is my regular study and preaching translation.  So, there’s no doubt that I love the ESV.  Here’s the main reasons why I use the ESV…

  1. It is a literal translation of the Bible.  There is no way that a thought-for-thought translation or a paraphrase could fit well into text-based, expository preaching.  When I preach, I often refer the congregation to the text.  And when they look down at the page of their Bibles, I want them to look at a translation that is as transparent as possible and allows them to see the original text.  So, we have encouraged the congregation to get the ESV.
  2. It uses modern English.  It’s important to have and use a translation that I can give to a new Christian that will be easily understood by the 21st century English speaker who did not grow up in church.
  3. It stands in the stream of of King James English.  So, the ESV will sound familiar to those who grew up on a steady diet of the King James Version.  This is important to me as I am ministering in a small rural town in the South.  The majority of all adults in the rural South grew up in church reading from and memorizing the KJV.

June starts our reading with the HCSB – Holman Christian Standard Bible (or Hard Core Southern Baptist, if you prefer, lol)

Download June calendar here… NT June Calendar

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