Hearing God’s Invitation

God is inviting you to something great.  God is inviting you to follow him.  Though the specifics will be different for each of us, at the core God’s invitation to us is always, “Come, follow me and be part of what I am doing in this world.”


God Is Speaking & Seeking

God is working in this world.  Jesus says this in John 5:17, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.”  The Bible is the record of God’s speaking and activity.

“What God has done in the past is both a model and a promise of what he will do in the future.” – Dr. James Allman.  I want to show you a few of the invitations that God has issued in the past for the purpose of helping you see that God can invite you to great things today.

  • Genesis 12:1-4 – Abraham was 75 years old when God first invited him to follow.  You’re never too old for God.
  • Exodus 3:1-10 – Moses was a murderer and had been wandering in the desert herding sheep for the last 40 years when God came and invited him follow.  Your past sin or your present situation never disqualify you from being a follower of God.
  • Mark 1:16-20 & Mark 2:13-14 – These guys were all just working their jobs to feed their families when Jesus invited them to follow him.  If you’re just grinding out a 9-5, you’re in the perfect position for God to invite you to something great.

God is still alive and working and inviting people to follow him in our world today.  If he can invite a 75 year old, an ex-murderer wandering in the desert, fishermen just working to feed their families to great things, then he can do the same for you!


Are We Able to Hear?

If God is speaking and working and inviting us to a grand life with him, the question remains, “Do we hear his voice?”  There are barriers.

  1. God’s voice is often unexpected.
        1. in timing (Abraham’s age, Moses’ past & present, disciples on the job)
        2. in our evangelical culture – In our evangelical culture we have unfortunately reserved the idea of “calling” to a few select individuals.  You might hear, “The pastor is called of God.”  While this is true, the real picture is that these people we think are special are just like everyone else.  God invited them to something and they followed.  That’s no different than what God does to you.
        3. in sound – There’s an interesting story in 1 Kings 19:11-13 where God shows Elijah what his voice is like.  God’s voice was not in the mighty and powerful.  God’s voice was like a whisper.
  2. We can be spiritually deaf.  There were many people who heard Jesus’ voice but did not hear his words.  Jesus explains this in Matthew 13:13-15.  It is quite possible for us to be spiritually deaf.

Will you start this year with a simple prayer?  Put your “yes” on the table and pray, “God, I want to hear your voice.”  I dare you.

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