Top Bible Study Resources

My friend and fellow pastor Bobby Williams wrote a post like this one several weeks ago and it made me think about the resources that I use in Bible study and sermon preparation.  So, I thought I would put this list of resources together that I use.

Regular Use

1. Lumina (NET) Study Bible online – This is hands down the best study Bible environment on the internet.  And it’s all completely free.  Most online study Bible environments require you to purchase access to resources.  Not Lumina.  Lumina is hosted by and the translators of the NET Bible.  So, if it’s completely free it must not be good, right?  Wrong.  It’s fantastic.  The quality and quantity of resources is outstanding.  So, check it out.

2. ESV Bible online – I’m an ESV Bible guy.  I love the translation.  The ESV Bible online environment is excellent.  It does require that you purchase many of the resources they offer.  Here’s the thing that makes it a really good deal to put a little money into it: When you buy a print copy of one of the brands of ESV study Bibles (McArthur, Gospel Transformation, ESV Study Bible) you receive in that print copy a code that gives you a free download of that study Bible on the ESV Bible online environment.  It’s a 2-for-1 deal.

3. Logos Bible Software – This is software that you install on your computer.  And it’s expensive.  The great thing about Logos is that you can quickly search thousands of resources and they are all linked directly to the passage you’re studying.  You can buy differing base packages depending on your needs and then add your own custom resources.  The list of books, commentaries, lexicons, etc available on Logos is unparalleled.

Occasional Use

4. Best Commentaries website – Looking for a commentary on a specific book of the Bible?  This is your go-to site.  Best commentaries is an aggregate site that reviews and categorizes commentaries.  Each commentary is ranked and links are provided to purchase the commentaries on a variety of sites (hard copy) and electronic platforms.  I generally use this website in advanced planning for a new sermon series to cover a particular book of the Bible so that I can acquire the resources I want and start studying weeks and months ahead of time.

5. Desiring God – lots of resources, all free.

6. Books – I try to read widely.  However, I don’t generally read for the purpose of preaching what I read.  My reading is more about the formation of my mind…how I think.

This is definitely not the end-all, be-all list of Bible study resources.  In a way, we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to Bible resources that enables us to choose between good and best.  These are the ones that work for me.  Hope some of it is helpful to you as well.  What resources do you like for Bible study?

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2 Responses to Top Bible Study Resources

  1. drefillmore says:

    Good list! I really am addicted to I use YouVersion for my daily reading (NLT) but I LOVE a good, old-fashioned leather-bound Bible or a printed book!

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