Online Study Bibles

This is a short list of my favorite online study Bible environments.  I call them “environments” because they are not just a webpage with the text of the Bible on them.  You can log in to these webpages (if you want).  They have all the content of a print study Bible, just online.  Everything is searchable.  You can also make your own notes, highlight passages, etc.

NET Bible – This is hands down the absolute best study Bible environment available online.  All the NET notes, Dr. Contstable’s notes, articles from, Greek/Hebrew tools, parallel versions.  All totally free.

HCSB Study Bible – All the contents of the HCSB study Bible for free + Greek/Hebrew tools.

ESV Study Bible – The basic environment is free with Bible, searching, highlighting, etc.  If you want the study Bible resources or the Greek/Hebrew tools, you have to purchase them as additions.  The study Bible resources can also be activated for free with the code included in a print copy of the study Bible.